PTS provides one of the best and most practical corporate training programs for different levels of professionals. We have our unique style of training program arrangement to best fit the organizational requirements.
Public Training Programs
Professional Development Series
- Enterprise Sales Effectiveness Series
- Legendary Service Excellence Series
- Modern Business Communication Series
- Fabulous Microsoft Office Series
- Practical Project Management Series
IT Training Programs
With full equiped of IT facilities in our training center, we are selected to be the preferred training partner of welknown IT organizations.
- Microsoft Training
- Open Source Applications
- Digital Graphic Training
Management Skills
Training programs which focus on management, include talent development and strategic Mini MBA
Leadership Development
  To create, develop, and enhance the quality of leadership within organization. Getting to understand the leading and the capabilities needed to develop as leaders.
Career Development
Identify skills, experience, and knowledge employees need in order to provide their best possible work. Each career has different pattern, decision-making style, integration of life roles, values expression, and life-role self concepts.
Best Practice
Sharing of the proven efficient and effective technique, method, and process which you can best adapt to best fit your organization requirement.
- Business Continuity Management
Business Communication
Business Communication involves constant flow of information. It is goal oriented, to have your audience best understand what you want to deliver.
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