Regenerate studying in the traditional classroom by convert textbooks into colorful animated movies with interactive games and puzzles, bringing a visually beautiful and engaging learning experience to children. The students' learning and retention capabilities are significantly improved. software can easily run on PCs in the general LAN system. Students can do scientific experiments virtually that are similar to using the real laboratory equipment.


Eureka Way of Learning

Increases educational effectiveness by introducing & explaining difficult topics in Science and Math covering the Grade 6-12 spectrum.
Equips teachers with high quality content, thus saves time in explaining difficult concepts & revising the syllabus.
Helps students in visualizing complex topics resulting in better understanding, retention & improved grade patterns.
Adds value to a traditional classroom teaching & learning environment.
Topics have been completely animated with Professional quality native speaker of English.
Stands highly interactive and can be mapped to any curriculum.
Extremely user friendly in terms of infrastructure and ease of use for teachers and students as you can learn how to operate the software in ten minutes.
Students across the world would enjoy learning and easily understanding complex topics of science that developing creative eContent for education in colorful animated movies with interactive simulations by using professional English. Only pressing a button on the mouse, Eureka can be very simple software to bring and engage learning experience to children.
For getting more skill, students would enjoy doing scientific experiments virtually as using the real laboratory equipment that fulfill learning experience safely and save cost.
To ensure value addition of ICT using in education. Eureka is effective software to evaluate the result of e-learning that can be the incredible satisfaction of learning and developing understanding and skills.

Eureka E-Learning Including :

About 1,400 topics in biology, chemistry, physics and math covering Grade 6-12 curriculum including 400 experiments and exercises in virtual labs and 50 simulation topics in 3D.
Duration of each topic – 4 minutes average.
Animate topics with professional English.
Total security software.
Eureka plays on LAN network supporting 100 machines.